The Great Hardware Dilemma

What do you think of when you hear the word “hardware”? When I hear this word, my Interior Designer brain is instantly programmed to think o

Crayon Box Beginnings

Like most kids, one of my favorite activities growing up was some good ol’ coloring books and crayons. Except, I didn’t want to use all of the different crayons in the box-I just wanted to use the Cerulean Blue crayon. I was drawn to it to say the least! I did not color within the lines, but rather I invented my own picture within a picture or just doodled along the edges. This fun-loving entrepreneurial spirit has stayed with me all of these years, led me through college earning a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design and a career working in new construction builder finish selections. Cerulean Concepts is my ode to my past and my very hopeful path for the future. Starting Cerulean Concepts

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