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Crayon Box Beginnings

Like most kids, one of my favorite activities growing up was some good ol’ coloring books and crayons. Except, I didn’t want to use all of the different crayons in the box-I just wanted to use the Cerulean Blue crayon. I was drawn to it to say the least! I did not color within the lines, but rather I invented my own picture within a picture or just doodled along the edges.

This fun-loving entrepreneurial spirit has stayed with me all of these years, led me through college earning a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design and a career working in new construction builder finish selections. Cerulean Concepts is my ode to my past and my very hopeful path for the future.

Starting Cerulean Concepts has allowed me to “make [my] vocation a vacation” - Mark Twain.

The Cerulean Concepts logo abstractly represents the “fillet” tool, which is what us nerdy AutoCad fanatics know as a symbol for bridging two walls together. This blog will be used to document the bridge of my adventures in both Builder Design Services and Residential Design and Styling. I will be sharing knowledge and design solutions along the way!

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