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The Design Pivot

After six weeks of participating in the One Room Challenge to complete our Nursery, we are finally finished! We are thrilled with the end result, but like many design plans we had to pivot on a few things. A design plan is great for direction on color scheme, product research, and budgeting, but until the design is implemented it is hard to make the final decisions on the finishing touches.

The first element we had to pivot on was the artwork above the changing table dresser. I had planned to use three existing frames that are floating acrylic with standoffs and to place some instant download art in them. When we went to hang the frames which required drywall anchors, we were unable to get the three frames perfectly aligned with each other because of our heavily textured walls. In addition, the frames looked bare on our walls that our 10-foot high. The "Design Pivot" was to create a pop of color using shiplap as a backdrop. Using the shiplap allowed us to screw in the frames without having to use drywall anchors or mess with the textured walls. We painted the shiplap orange which provided a much needed backdrop to give the empty wall some substance!

Another element we added last minute was the vinyl wall decal removable mountains. My husband found them at Buy Buy Baby which I linked here. This decal helped fill more of the wall underneath the floating shelves which was feeling empty. Even though it was not apart of the design plan, this pivot definitely enhanced it!

The last element which was a huge part of the design plan was the rug. The rug softens up the overall room and adds an extra layer of texture making the space feel warm and inviting. I was very adamant about having a rug incorporated into the design and wanted it light in color to help balance out the dark accent wall. Throughout the six weeks of moving furniture around to paint the accent wall, hang curtains + art, the rug took a beating in that we could not get it to lay flat. It felt like an ocean with waves every time we turned around. Matt and I were both in agreeance that we were going to have to give up the rug unless I could figure something out. After some investigating online, I read that some people had good luck with rug tape; which helps the rug stick to the carpet. I found some highly rated rug tape on Amazon for a good price and thought I would give it a shot as a last resort. Eureka! The rug tape worked like a miracle after I installed it around the underside of the perimeter of the rug as well as a few pieces of the double-sided rug tape in the middle. We have now had the rug tape installed on the back of the rug for over two weeks and have not had any problems since. I've linked the rug tape I used here.

Although unplanned, I have learn to be more flexible in pivoting on my design plan as it comes out better that way! We are so thankful to have participated in the Better Homes and Garden Fall 2020 One Room Challenge this year to give us the motivation we needed to finish the nursery before baby gets here in February! Here are some other views of the nursery and nursery closet.

To see the other amazing room transformation and cheer on all the designers participating in the Fall 2020 One Room Challenge, visit:


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