Top 5 Master Bathroom Upgrades

If you survived your Kitchen upgrades from the last post on my recommended Top 5 Kitchen Upgrades, then you are ready to tackle the Master Bathroom! There is a strategic reason why I start with the Kitchen design when starting a new home. Besides from needing to finalize the appliances and cabinetry early on for the electrical and plumbing layouts, there are endless amounts of detailed decisions to make for Kitchens which are EXHAUSTING! The Kitchen is the top of the roller coaster in terms of design decisions. Typically, once decisions are reached regarding the Kitchen, everything else is smooth sailing. This is probably not a surprise to most of you, but Kitchens and Master Bathrooms are t

Top 5 Kitchen Upgrades

As part of my job working as a builder’s designer, I walk the line as the liaison between the builder and the homebuyer. A common misconception I have had homebuyers admit to me, was that before their appointment they were expecting their builder assigned “designer” to be a sales-person. The first-time a homebuyer shared this with me, I was horrified! I would not be able to do the job I am doing in Interior Design (which can frequently be very vanity based), if I had sales on the mind. From the beginning of my career, I have been blessed not having to be work for commissions but rather to be on a salary (that is until recently when I left a good paying job to pursue my own design company…no

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